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... and so began the challenge to find the good growers that were keen to grow a bit more.

I slowly got to know the growers and established relationships for a reliable source for just few of the regular weekly vegetables and seasonal fruit that are essential for a farmers market to function, regular weekly demand creates  customers and community spirit.

I like to try and get produce grown with none or minimal sprays, there is always,unfortunately a possibility that  growers,some times of the year, have to use sprays.

They have to deal insects, pests and fungal problems and there's the weeds that have to be balanced to ensure good crop growth and harvest ability. I have discovered that you have to rely on the grower to make the right choices as to the best practice, this and good management over a lot of different things, seems to be  way to produce a healthy productive reliable garden.

Over years I have learned to trust and respect those growers,and as long as they are eating their own produce is I think another a good way to tell.

I try and bring some of the freshest vegetables and fruit which my family eat, to your table, with a product replacement or money back guarantee like I have always do at market.

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