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garlic, cold smoked garlic, little red cold smoked onion and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

from our garden and a few selected growers from the Whangarei Growers Market

by online order.

"I usually buy my produce direct from you at the market...  




  1. Place your orders of Fresh Vegetables through the week.
  2. Only orders received before SUNDAY 12 noon , will be able to be processed for the Wednesday/Thursday arrival of your package and the distance assessment , all orders south of Auckland and the far north could  have to pay extra freight cost depending on distance away, the extra cost amount will be sent via Email message by Tuesday. parcels are  processed and dispatched by the first half of the week, there is a $7 package and handling fee and a $10 freight cost with every box order maybe plus of which will depend on your location.
  3. Your box of fresh veggies will arrive via courier to your door by Wednesday/ Thursday, 
  4. You Do Not have to Pay until your vegetable B0X arives So Should you be unsatisfied anything or  with the quality of the produce received, you can adjust your payment or choose to replace the item or items at no cost  in your next week's order or we can refund the purchase cost of the item or items, or it can be possible for me to add different produce to replace the item/items missing, to a similar cost, (please see terms and conditions for more information on this). TERMS and CONDITIONS   
  5. Please note that availability can  vary  through the week as products can sold out or  according to the weather and time of the year not be available.
  6. In the event the product does not reach you in a satisfactory condition, please let us know  and we will replace the item/items in your next weeks order, or we will Refund the cost of the item/items if you wish. Thank You.


Due to demand for fresh vegetables at the other markets, that were gaining popularity across the country over the years. Strong competition between markets to attract customers, and fact that the fresh vegetables were needed to attract the customers. This is what caused the market manager to ask if it was possible for me to bring some fresh produce from the Whangarei growers market,where I was setting up our garlic stall. At 5am had a window of about 45 minutes, to get organized which gave me just enough time to get to Matakana, which starts at 8am. It was not as easy as it sounds as the Whangarei growers market was going so well everybody was mostly selling out,so there was limited amount of growers to get produce from more...,


I was kindly given 500 cloves of garlic 21 years ago. Being the way I am I was always going to be growing in a natural bio-dynamic way. This then lead me to The Whangarei Growers Market, it gave me a way to market my garlic and give fresh healthy food  to the public. At the market I was inspired by a customer to try his smoked pickled garlic, which lead to the idea and technique of cold smoking garlic and creating an amazing change of the garlic flavor and a subtle smokey flavor and a very good shelf life .

I then ventured to Takapuna to expand my business, where I featured in Cuisine Magazine in November 2001 after a customer raved about my smoked garlic. I also featured in New Zealand Gardener Magazine in march 2003...more...

Fresh produce straight to your door
with my personal guarantee of satisfaction
money back or product replacement
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